Jams and Fruit Extracts

Cactus and Honeydew Jams

Interesting jams and fruits can be derived from honeydew melons and cactus.  Cactus are found in hotter dry climates and can go without water or very little water for months at a time.  The cactus plant stores water inside the viens of the plant as sort of a reserve.  Therefore you can harvest the cactus and make delicious jams from the soft (watery) part of the cactus plant.

Honeydews on the otherhand grow in climates that continuously receive large amounts of rain.  The honeydew melon makes a great jam and fruit preserve so please shop with us for your specialty jam needs.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring – A Brazilian Trend in Styling


You have your own style and you want unique looking flooring in your home. You have chosen Exotic Hardwood flooring throughout your home.  


Before you ordered your Exotic Hardwood flooring, you had samples sent to your home. You were able to select the perfect flooring for each room.  


When your friends and family come over to visit they are enthralled with the look of your home. Your friends and family cannot believe what a difference it has made by putting Exotic Hardwood flooring in your home. Each person marvels at the look and want to know where you bought your flooring.  


The Brazilian Exotic flooring is not only gorgeous but sold at lower prices.  

With the Exotic flooring you can choose from walnut, cherry, teak and  




Your new floors look wonderful in your contemporary home. You chose a darker wood and it brings out the white couches and chairs in your living room. Within your kitchen you chose a somewhat lighter color that goes well with the touch of soft yellow paint on your walls. Your bedrooms look rich and comfortable with the new flooring. The new look of your home gives you a feeling of peace which is good for your mind, body and soul.  


Perhaps you have a cabin or cottage and you need new flooring. You and your family will be spending a lot of vacation time at your getaway. You decide to have Exotic Hardwood flooring installed in your cottage. You place a few decorative plush rugs in specific areas. You now have a fantastic serene place to escape the problems and responsibilities of everyday life. 


Your cottage looks so stunning with the Exotic Hardwood flooring. You may want to rent out your cottage or cabin to others to help pay for the property taxes as well as to make a little extra money. You will surely get plenty of renters when your cottage or cabin is so gorgeous.  


Exotic hardwood flooring comes with a 25 year warranty finish as well as a lifetime structural warranty. You cannot beat that for peace of mind on how well your flooring will hold up and stay strikingly beautiful.  


If you are looking to install hardwood flooring in your home please visit the website and look at all of the available styles. The most popular flooring styles in the market today are exotic hardwood floors and hand scraped wood floors.

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